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NetCash relaunch NO RISK digital cash

Invented in the UK in 1999 by Paul Tolley, a Cheshire, UK based inventor, with patent pending precedence in the United States since 2004, netCash was the world’s first, physical deposit backed digital currency system ever to go live in the REAL world. NetCash made it possible to execute instant payments between users via computer, phone and e-mail based on a tender system, meaning the user wishing to send money to another did so by tendering the exact amount he/she wished to pay. As a payment mechanism, the original netCash was fully approved by the UK FSA, (The FSA was then the competent financial authority in the UK, now termed the Financial Conduct Authority). netCash as a business however, was 20 years ago, ahead of its time completing the world first P2P (Person-to-Person) payment using mobile phones as early as 2001. It’s original inventor is now collaborating with INSCX exchange to relaunch netCash as an ultra-low cost, open-source digital currency alternative available to ALL.

netCash is the digital version of the note in your pocket. You pay exactly what you want to pay. You can convert cash to netCash back to actual cash instantly.

It’s your money

NetCash will provide the world with an ultra-low cost alternative to existing payment gateways.

Ultra-low Cost

NetCash will be made available to Everyone OPEN SOURCE to operate as a P2P and B2B payment system on any electronic or mobile device.

Open source



Origins of netCash

netCash aims to provide consumers and business with the fairest, cheapest and most secure means in the digital age to exchange money for goods and services. We go further - Now YOU can now own a stake in the revolution in money by subscribing to buy shares in the company licensed to operate the NEW netCash. 25% of the company will be made available to private investors as part of the strategy to raise GBP £3m to relaunch netCash initially in Europe and the Americas, before going global. Invest as little as £500 to be one of the 6000! To register your interest, and to receive a Private Placement prospectus, please contact: Investor Services, INSCX exchange @  0203 137 5187. E:

OWN netCash: First to 6000!